CommanderEdge 6lt Foam Fire Extinguisher

CommanderEdge 6lt Foam Fire Extinguisher
  • Foam extinguishers are always an excellent choice for Class A and B risk areas. The high knockdown compared with water units makes them very effective on Class A fires, whilst also able to cover for Class B risks. The newly-developed EnviroFoam units are true market leaders. With an environmentally-friendly foam concentrate, they also boast extremely high performance – 34A 233B on the 9L model. All these models are Kitemarked, and the 6 and 9L units have passed the 35kVa dielectric conductivity test. The FS9E 9L unit is also MED “Ship’s Wheel” approved. With a new design strong plastic base skirt and brass valve assemblies, these units are high performers in even the most harsh conditions.

    • Kitemarked to BS EN3
    • 35kVa Dielectric test certified (6 and 9L models)
    • MED “Ship’s Wheel” approval on FS9E
    • New “Super strong” plastic base for protection
    • CE-marked brass valve assembly with strong handles
    • 5-year warranty
    • Class-leading thick polyethylene internal lining
    • Full range of spare parts available

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