PowerX 2lt Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher


The 2Ltr Wet Chemical PowerX Fire Extinguisher also known as an F Class Fire extinguisher is manufactured by Thomas Glover who are well known for their FirePower range of Fire extinguishers. Thomas Glover are the sister company of Chubb Fire Extinguishers. These extinguishers have been designed for use on cooking oil fires although have been tried, tested and passed to tackle other types of fires. The solution reacts with cooking oil to prevent re-ignition, having a 5 year warranty, CE approval and BSI Kitemark makes this model a no-brainer when it comes to value for money.

For peace of mind this extinguisher passed the 35Kv electrical conductivity test, this means that should it be accidentally used on an Electrical Fire then the person using it would not suffer from electrocution. Suitable for all Class A and F fire risks, with a 8A / 40F fire rating makes this extinguisher suitable for most buildings, such as Hotels, Shops, Public Places, Restaurants, Industrial Units, Supermarkets and much more.

These fire extinguishers offer protection against class A & F fires.

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