FirePower 5kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher



FirePower 5Kg Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher ideal for use in all premises or vehicles where there is live electrical equipment e.g. 

⦁ Office electrical machinery such as computers, photo copiers etc. 
⦁ Electrical intake or switch rooms 
⦁ Commercial kitchens or vehicles

CO2 extinguishers contain carbon dioxide gas and are suitable for fires involving electrical and flammable (Class B) liquid fires. CO2 is non corrosive and non conductive and makes it an ideal choice for dealing with fires involving electrical equipment. It is clean and leaves no residue. 


⦁ 70B fire rating 
⦁ Filled and with wall bracket 
⦁ 5 year warranty 
⦁ Manufactured to BSEN3 
⦁ BSI Kite marked 
⦁ CE marked 
⦁ BAFE approved 
⦁ Lightweight Aluminium body 
⦁ Charged weight 11.43kg
⦁ Height 750mm 
⦁ Cylinder diameter 152mm 
⦁ Duration discharge time 14 seconds 
⦁ Temperature range Degrees C -30 to +60 
⦁ Harmless to machinery

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