Emergency Burns First Aid Kit


Emergency Burns First Aid Kit

This Burn kit conforms to HSE recommendations for a low risk workplace with 1-10 employees

This kit features Burnshield dressing which contain a water based gel which is able to treat any class of burn

The Emergency Burns First Aid Kit Contains the following. 

  • 2x Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m
  • 2x Burnshield dressing 10 x 10cm
  • 1x Burnshield dressing 20 x 20cm
  • 1x Burnshield Finger Dressing
  • 1x Burnsheild Hydrogel 125ml spray
  • 3x Disposable powder free gloves (Pair)
  • 12x Safety Pins
  • 4x Low Adherent Dressing 5 x 5cm
  • 3x Low Adherent Dressing 10 x 10cm
  • 1x Low Adherent Dressing 10 x 20cm
  • 1x Microporous tape 1.25cm x 10m
  • 1x Tuffcut Scissors
  • 1x Wall Mounting Bracket

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